A wise man once asked the students to identify the moment when the night finishes and the day begins. One student guessed: when You can tell a sheep from a dog? Another said: when do You differ an olive tree from a fig tree? The wise man responded: when a stranger approaches and we think is our brother, that is the moment when the night ends and the day begins.

Me, as one of those students, I welcome You beyond Your religion, culture, philosophy, gender, orientation, ethnicity, or location as my brother or my sister.

My purpose in this lifespan is to empower people to identify, regulate and articulate emotions assertively in a constructive way (Cognitive Emotional-Behavioural Awareness).

I aim to equip my clients with the capability of understanding their emotions, the emotions of the people around them in their environments, and from a professional perspective, the emotions of their employees, directors, subordinates, and peers.

The typical outcomes are higher degrees of calmness, improved self-control and clarity over life-strategies and daily deeds.

I use a variety of EQ tests, psychometric toolkits and strategies for which I have received appropriate and certified training. I am also a member of the Association for coaching uk to guarantee to all candidates a third-party resolutive opinion if any dispute arises. I am a student and a tutor at the School of Philosophy and Economic Science.

My ideal clients believe Emotions are their real engine and they want to get control over them rather than being controlled by them. They believe the human components are what really make their companies flourish and develop. They believe human engagement and cooperation (also self-cooperation) are the basis for peak performance.

The EI tests I provide are suitable for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Teams as a whole group or as individuals.

The applicable industries are a vast and wide array as we involve emotions in everything we do, this is human nature.

We cannot avoid having emotions, but we can identify, position and regulate them, to ultimately express them, speaking them out thoughtfully without hurting the listener or the listeners in the group’s cases.

Lately, I am working more and more often in Sports, developing athlete’s capability to manage pressure, coaches to understand their player’s emotional states, and management boards to foster human connections inside the workplace for a better reciprocal emotional understanding and smoother solution process.

I am available through One-off EQ test delivery and consultation, Co-Active Coaching Journey Sessions, small Groups Workshops, and Periodical partnerships. Topics touched are tightly connected with Emotional Behavioural sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, Biology of Emotions, Meditation and Spirituality.

Being curious is healthy, is wise and it’s free! If You are, drop me a message at any time!

No man is free who is no master of himself. Epictetus

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