Marc Bautista, CEO, The Showcase International, Spain

CEO, The Showcase International, Spain. Football Players' Psycho-Emotional Empowerment
Nick Atzeni

EI Case Study – Marc Bautista

Marc Bautista is the CEO of The Showcase International, headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

About Marc: as an ex-footballer, Marc realised the difficulties for talented athletes to be seen by renowned teams and scouts, and this is the core objective of his project: Provide Life Opportunities. The Showcase Int’l organises football events in Madrid, Egypt (and several more countries from 2024) gathering athletes to be Scouted by professional football Teams that, at every event, scout one guy (at least).

Real Betis, Celta de Vigo, Valladolid, Real Oviedo, Albacete, Rajo Majadahonda, and Cultural Leonesa will bring one athlete to their facilities, providing the opportunity of a lifetime, (as The Showcase tagline), to have a professional contract!

That’s how we had the chance to meet, joining forces for the guys’ wellness inside and outside the pitch, at the Royal Spanish Football Federation facilities empowering them with an Emotional and Mindset Regulation Masterclass, last July, where roughly one hundred and twenty people attended.

Marc is an entrepreneur and he is very focused on empowering the athletes, not only with technical and tactical skills but with psychological and emotional management tools for them to be supported during this transition that of course involves a multitude of factors around the player.

We talked about the importance for the Scouts and Agents, to understand the soft skills of the potential players they are about to hire alongside the on-the-pitch skills. It has been insightful listening to his consideration regarding soft skills becoming the deciding factor when technical skills are at the same level.

During this twenty-minute chat, we had the pleasure of exchanging how mentality and emotions play a critically crucial role in the life of an athlete, spanning from cases of players coming from tough backgrounds and finding themselves in top-notch facilities, as we as for experienced elite players that face pressure, expectations and high demand of performance on a constant base.

Marc enriched the interview with his perspective and his vision about the importance of mental and emotional education and how he integrates this extra tool for performance during The Showcase Int’l event weeks.

More broadly as well, Marc shared his perspective on how bigger renowned clubs can support the psychological wellbeing of their players and support them to unleash peak performance levels without feeling the pressure and the anxiety of competitions and training.

Thanks Marc, for Your time and contribution, see You soon!

Let’s enjoy the video!

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