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It is curious to notice how Emotional Intelligence is applicable to a vast range of audiences, countries, industries, ages, orientations, cultures and professions.

Each task we undertake as human beings involves emotions, and we, as human beings, involve emotions in each task we undertake, is a continuum. It is crucial to build the ability to manage them then, and make them work for us and with us. Despite our professional occupations and daily tasks, we are Beings yet before acting the different roles we play such as friends, mothers or fathers, siblings, students, teachers, teammates, colleagues, entrepreneurs, employees, business people, or unoccupied.

Every human needs to know more about himself/ herself (I am aware I am biased), and this is a never-ending journey.
The goal is to enhance the capability to recognise emotions and their sources, in order for them to become resources, not disturbances.

Be in tune with Your emotions, be with them as a power team, and use them as a tool to support and enhance all of Your activities’ engagement, vitality and consequent efficiency.