Italy, CA, Dolianova

Gianni Argiolas Artist & Art Professor
Nick Atzeni

Italy, CA, Dolianova. Gianni Argiolas Artist & Art Professor

Meeting Gianni Argiolas on several occasions has been like meeting an Italian legend in regard to Art. Gianni is the truest 360-degree artist, Painter, Sculptor, Creator, and School(s) Professor. I have been lucky to meet him at his Art Studio in Monserrato, Cagliari, Italy and we had various meetings at his Artistic Parc “Parco Artistico Gianni Argiolas” where he enjoyed building life-size sculptures touching various themes throughout the park. Stepping into his studio is pure awe, plenty of operas, paintings and pictures with the highest-end personalities. His park is a journey of emotions and You feel the urge of visiting again the very same moment You leave. Thanks for the teachings and for opening my mind further, Gianni!

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