Mental Coach as a Physiotherapist

Nick Atzeni

Mental Coach as a Physiotherapist

Amazingly significant words from Mattia Perin (class 1992), Italian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Serie A club Juventus Football Club.
This morning I received a YouTube video from a former client emphasising the importance of having a mental coach for elite-performance athletes.

The interview is in Italian, I am reporting, in English, the cut-out from min 04.00 to 04.32.
Mattia Perin: Concerning the concentration during the match: This is something I work on a daily basis and something I recommend to anyone, having a mental coach or psychologist. When You have support from an external person becomes easier to handle certain emotions, certain moods and thoughts. Surely, this helps me. Is the work I do daily, the same as going to the gym before training, as the work I do before stepping on the pitch, as the same as physiotherapy.
As I train my body, I train my mind too.
(full video in italian language at

I first started coaching entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners here in London on how to handle and manage emotions, and I still do it.
I then came across entrepreneurs in the football industry, particularly patrick mboma and James Hughes, the two that awakened me on the importance of the topic I work with, in detail: empowering professionals with emotional awareness for self-control, self-regulation and enhanced performance degrees.
The more I speak and mentor athletes, agents and coaches on the identification of emotions, regulations of them and ultimately the constructive application, the more I realise the pressure these guys are subdued to. I am studying as well with FC Barcelona University, specifically Sports Psychology for Athletes Development and there too I am fascinated by the several sides where the pressure comes from.
Not just the match itself, but the media, the organisation’s objectives, the board, families, social networks, brands, team members, the head coach and specific-trainer coaches, as well personal goals, body condition, and tough physical training.
The mind and heart are oftentimes unfortunately dismissed, but I am trustful and witnessing that nowadays more and more clubs and athletes are understanding the importance of EI, that is the reason why I wanted to share Mattia Perin’s words.
Sensibilisation is crucial to avoid breakdowns.

If You are a coach, athlete, team leader, board member, entrepreneur, or a generally busy human with plenty of tasks and stimuli, Emotional Intelligence might be something beneficial as a topic to deepen, and having an EI coach in Your toolbox could be game-changing.

Concluding, I thank all the people that opened their minds to the topic and allow me to support them in order to hit their targets and achieve their goals.
I am honoured and grateful to contribute to a calmer society and more in-control professionals.

Stay tuned with Yourself, stay tuned with Your Self.

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