Naples Championship Measured Earthquake

Nick Atzeni

Naples Championship Measured Earthquake

Thanks to “a friend of a friend” I have been gifted with very particular data that I have been authorised to share.
We are talking about #emotions and #seismology here.
This is from the Vesuvian Monitoring Centre, specifically from the #Vesuvian#Seismologic #Observatory and its seismograph data.

What You can see is the moment when Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli scored the 1 -1 goal versus Udinese Calcio, in the 52nd minute. The moment in which #Osihmen hit the net thousands of #supporters unleashed that emotion suppressed for 33 years.
This is the moment when Naples won the third championship of its history.
The earth itself shook generating this “#microearthquake” that has been registered at the monitoring centre. The space in between the two quakes is likely when the supporters moved from the first shout, regain breath, and shout again. Clearly, the second one is smaller, the strongest emotions were out already with the first one.

Intangible, Unexpected and Uncontrollable.
Emotions like these ones are #pleasant #emotions and there is no damage in leaving them free, especially after all that time.
Others are better regulated before letting them out.

This is my #mission and what I do with my audience of friends.
Intangible, Unexpected and Uncontrollable, but their manifestation can make the earthquake, analytically.
Emotions are our real #power, #drive and #fuel.
They are #intangible, but they are #real.

Listen to Your #heart too, although is #on the left, is always #in the right!

Big #thanks to that “friend of another friend” for sharing the pic and authorising to build this post.

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