Micah Jimerson, Corporate Wellness Director and Trainer

Employees Wellness, Corporate Performance at SELA, Athletes Development
Nick Atzeni

EI Interview – Micah Jimerson

Micah Jimerson is a Health and Wellness expert, who grew up and surrounded by the topic since he was born. Micah was born in the US, in California, then moved to Los Angeles where he had the opportunity to work with Dave Matthews Band as a health coach.

Now he lives in Saudi Arabia for almost ten years.

He is a father of three and a caring husband. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia he has been a pioneer in relation to Corporate wellness spectrum, today he is the Wellness Director of SELA, Sports and Entertainment. He lives in Jeddah and oftentimes travels to Riyadh for a multitude of tasks (including the stadium announcement for the highest-end football matches).

Micah is a genuine giver and his work reflects his persona. He cares deeply about the human connections and wellbeing of the people who create the team, and he considers this the very leading force of any company or corporate.

During this interview, we discussed the importance of Individual Wellbeing, Mindset Management, and Emotional Regulation from an expert point of view who gained his expertise over decades of interaction with humans. Micah shared his perspective on how important is to invest in the employees’ human being wellness, as he loved to frame it.

Human potential and how to unleash it on a personal level and on a professional level.

Self-Discovery is another point we touched but I won’t anticipate too much!

Loved the quote: “Investing in the Employees’ Mental and Emotional Wellbeing is Invaluable”. “We [Company] are investing in Your Happiness”

Micah, deep gratitude for Your sharing, this interview will surely move corporates’ mentality and approaches!

Enjoy the watching!

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