Alex Valassidis, Sales Expert & Outsourcing Sales Consultant, Spain.

Salesperson Skills, Introversion, and Emotions in Sales
Nick Atzeni

EI Interview – Alex Valassidis

Alex Valassidis is a lifetime all-around salesperson.

Started and thrived in Greece in the Hospitality sector, then moved to Telecommunications programs and once again it was a great business.

“If You visited Greece after the Olympic games in 2004 as a tourist, You very likely have been using one of Alex’s services!”

Then Alex moved to Spain where he’s now sharing his expertise serving others, as a Sales Consultant.

He worked globally, from Greece to Germany, from the US to Spain.

We enjoyed the conversation analysing the difference between a Salesperson with or without Emotional Intelligence skills.

We touched on the importance of Building relationships with clients and how critical is to have those Human skills to understand the people around You, tune-in with them, foresee those little details for You to pitch properly and finally help them understand what You are selling and its value for them and their life.

Empathy, Reciprocal Understanding and Self-Understanding, Body Language, when to talk and when to pause and listen.

Alex’s contribution and expertise shared clearly resulted from decades of practical experiences.

Behaviourally we rationalised what means for an Introvert to be a Salesperson and how to use that degree of Discomfort as a Framed Challenge.

“Understand Yourself, and Understanding who You Are Not, is something that will empower You with Confidence” Alex suggested.

Mindfulness, the magic word has supported Alex for increasing Self-Awareness and Attention, as well as reducing Anxiety and gaining control of Thoughts and Emotions hence ultimately becoming a better Listener and a better Human Being, crucial skills for Performance.

The interview is a must-see for the Sales Department, Self-Employed, Business Owners and Freelances.

Thank you Alex for sharing Your expertise on the Emotional Intelligence perspective.

It will surely support many professionals!

Enjoy the video!

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