The Football Foundation for Africa, Official Invitation @ Africa Football Business Summit 2023

Nick Atzeni

We warmly welcome Nick Atzeni as an official speaker at the Africa Football Business Summit 2023.

Nick Atzeni is a Certified Integrative Personal Coach and Emotional Quotient Analyst, pioneering the practical application of Emotional Intelligence toward higher degrees of overall Performance. His knowledge and work interventions are oriented to human factors and their interactions driven by psycho-emotional dynamics. He is a member of the ASSOCIATION FOR COACHING UK LIMITED and the EI coach of BNI MAYFAIR, Central London and The City. He is a specialist in Advanced Emotional Quotient Analysis. He empowers his clients with tools that allow them to measure, numerically on a graph, emotions, soft skills and inner strengths individually and as a group, to be afterwards used to implement growth through planned interventions.

He works through mind-body medicine, emotional awareness, and self-discovery. He aims to facilitate the acquisition of those factors that help human beings self-understanding, developing self-regulation, self-control and self-knowing, consequently understanding each other (as a group), hence finally, generating improved team cohesion, bonding, and cooperation toward a clear set of individual and group objectives.

He teaches Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Positive Mindfulness, Meditation, and Spirituality. He is one of the tutors at The School of Philosophy and Economic Science, which enhances his primary purpose of supporting humans to self-tune into their emotions, recognize and regulate them, and ultimately use emotional assertiveness for better relationships either personally and/or professionally. His clients are private individuals and companies in London and abroad from various industries and services, from designers to physiotherapists, landscapers to finance, athletes to lawyers, ex-footballers to sports agents and talent recruiters.

His interventions span Psychology, Positive Psychology, Sports Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, the Embodiment of Emotion, Localization of emotions, and Somatic results of unsolved emotions. He is a humanist by definition. Nick nurtures the concept that the people’s values, virtues and purposes are the true engine of the group and the leading success variable. Their emotions are the fuel of this engine. Their optimal emotional intelligence degree makes the fuel burn without burning out the engine.

Nick will present on “Advanced Emotional Intelligence Applied to Individuals, Workplaces, and Sports Spectrum” and will also support the Talent Identification and Development workshop. Welcome, Mr Atzeni.

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Looking forward to the #Final #Ceremony on Saturday when we will know #who are the guys that will be #shortlisted!
Have plenty of #blessings!

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