Kenji Mboma, Footballer

Nick Atzeni
EI Case Study - Kenji Mboma part 2 of 2

EI Case Study – Kenji Mboma


Triangular scheme coaching. The Athlete, his Agent (father), and the EI Coach.

The interaction with Kenji is a three-way coaching relationship between the Athlete, the EI coach, and the athlete’s Agent (and father), Patrick. The whole interaction happened online between London, Dubai and Omaha University in Nebraska, USA.

The role of the EI coach was double:

First with the athlete’s Agent by providing insights about the emotional spectrum and behavioural attitude of the well-known athlete, additionally providing an extended interpretation of the report’s result and those likely-to-witness personal characteristics. Second, not in order of importance, with the athlete in a one-to-one format, to empower the athlete with the interpretation of the test matching his life and feelings, finally building a suitable action plan for him to develop one or the other area based on his will, objectives, and needs in that moment of transition.

After the initial chat will all parts involved, and the set-up of the structure and timing, Kenji undertook the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory questionnaire made with ninety-plus questions. The positive impact score showed that the test has been undertaken with an honest and genuine approach, so the results were considered reliable.

The first meeting has been with the athlete’s father sharing general information about the football player, and the behaviours likely generated by the soft skills shown in the report. The chat was about Leadership skills, Confidence, and the Personal attitude shown interpreted thanks to the report.

The feedback from the father concerning the reliability and the accuracy of the report, its interpretation and speculation has been defined between 97% and 98%.

The one-to-one session with the athlete instead focused on analysing the report and building a final Action Plan. Reporting the feedback from the player, the reliability and accuracy of the test was around 94%. Based on the Video testimonial he found the questionnaire nice to fulfil, giving himself some time to think and double-think to certain questions. He enjoyed the delivery and his most valuable feedback has been feeling empowered with emotional assertiveness that he used for talking and communicating with his family about his situations, consequently providing his family with the tools to provide him the support needed. Precisely what Emotional Intelligence is about, Identify Your emotions and Inner Skills, Regulate the unpleasant emotions, Embrace them with Emotional Courage, and Articulate them to improve communication with Your environment, familial and professional, ultimately enhancing and Strengthening the Relationship.

Watch the Video Interview Testimonial to meet Kenji, and hear his words and his shared experience!

Well done, Kenji!

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