Maria Kelly, Global Team Leadership & Self-Leadership, Switzerland, US, UK, Spain.

Corporate Leadership, Individual Development, Soft Skills and Performance
Nick Atzeni

EI Interview – Maria Kelly

Maria is a Leadership expert, she worked for Sotheby’s Art Auction House for over two decades as a Senior Executive, before starting her private business, still training leaders and leveraging on her built and gained expertise.

She has lived in Geneva Switzerland, New York USA, London UK, and now lives in Barcelona Spain.

She now supports people’s career growth by creating that equilibrium between doing what You love without sacrificing Your personal life and living a happier work-life balanced life.

Maria shared what skills are the most influencing for becoming a better Self-Leader and consequently for becoming a Leader.

We talked about Adaptability, Self-Knowing, Self-Understanding and some methodologies in order for individuals to gain them.

Guided Introspection was an important part of the interview as it is considered the foundation for any leader (inside and outside the corporate environment) to understand personal behaviours, emotions and attitudes so as to develop Conscious Leadership.

Maria enriched the interview with her perspective on the importance of analysing and checking the personal and the team’s Emotional Quotient as a tool for leaders and companies “to make life easier” as she said.

Emotional Intelligence is an important skill for Leadership development, favoured by the scientific use of Self-Assessment tools and reports to unveil strengths and obstacles.

How can the Corporate/ Company take responsibility and integrate this typology of coaching and training for their Leaders?

“Is not that if You are good at Your job, You are necessarily good at leading others” Maria said. “Many times people are promoted because they are technically good, but being a leader is not all there”.

This is where interpersonal knowledge, conflict resolution, or better, conflict prevention become essential conditions for Leading efficiently and guaranteeing performance.

Loved the point of considering the importance of integrating Self-Understanding topics from the early stage of education starting from school, in order to empower the next generation with personal understanding leading to personal management, emotionally, psychologically and behaviourally.

It is a very insightful interview, a cannot-miss for Corporates, Companies, Leaders, Team Leaders, and broadly speaking, for Educators.

Maria, thanks a lot for Your contribution!

Enjoy the watching!

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