Colin Chambers, IPSO Professional Football Scouting Training Provider.

IPSO Professional Football Scouting Training Provider. Footballers’ Behavioural Comprehension
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EI Case Study – Colin Chambers

Colin Chambers is THE Football Scout.

With over twenty-three years of experience, he is now sharing his knowledge through IPSO (International Professional Scouting Organisation) empowering Scouts with high-accuracy details for spotting talented players.

Colin is a Scout of the National Polish Football Federation at the last World Cup, he worked for Charlton Athletic, Bolton Wanderers, Luton Town, Middleburgh, and Northern Ireland.

His company is the Scout’s educator of a multitude of professional teams, universities, and football federations such as Uzbekistan, India, Malaysia, Romania, Poland, Estonia and many more including the Malaysia Ministry of Sport.

Colin’s main drive is bringing professional scouting to a higher level, empowering them with detailed step-by-step guidance and practical tools enabling them to offer their best for clubs, and federations.

Providing high-quality scouting courses is his main objective.

“Attention to Details” is his motto!

We have had a very interesting chat regarding the quality of coaching and scouting, the importance of analysing humans before analysing players and professionals and on top, how to realise when a player needs support for performing at peak and with a light heart.

We talked about the evolution over time of the Mental and Psychological importance and how success and often money play a huge trigger on the players’ minds.

Colin shared his perspective about the importance of body language, the importance of pressure and the optimal degree of discomfort, and the crucial factor of knowing how to talk to different players as they are all different humans.

Mistakes will always happen; the point is to do our best in order to minimise them.

Great insights from Colin using real-life examples of players that suffered huge changes in terms of performance during transitions from one team to another or vice versa.

“It’s all about man management”, Colin stated, the reason why we found each other on the same page.

We are humans before being professionals and performers.

Finally, Colin empowered the interview with his vision concerning how Clubs can support their players to perform effortlessly, gain clarity and welcome guidance, and emphasized the importance of having a mindset-trainer professional the same as a physiotherapist and other professionals in the team to work on Prevention rather than Resolution of problems.

Colin, thanks for sharing Your wisdom and expertise!

Enjoy the video!

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