Pulkit Garg, Founder and CEO of Aanya Wellness, Gurugram, India.

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EI Interview – Pulkit Garg

Pulkit Garg is a Wellness enthusiast and proactive entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Aanya Wellness

Aanya Wellness promises to bridge the gap between wellness seekers and wellness providers, it’s the go-to place to get all your queries about wellness based on Ayurveda, Yoga, Diet, Naturopathy and other natural healing therapies answered.

You can also find Aanya Wellness’ podcast on Spotify, Apple, Hungama, Gaana, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and many more platforms. YouTube Music podcast is also on the way.

Pulkit does a lot more as well and this mirrors his “is not all about money”.

Indeed, he launched “We are listening” which targets the fulfilment of the first pillar of Aanya Wellness; Awareness

We Are Listening is a platform where to unwind anonymously,

We Are Listening is that safe space where to encounter professionals ready to help and support anyone in need.

I am glad to share and expand this meaningful and crucial service, this is the Google form: forms.gle/kSuQWvdBr4RrtV1H7 and this is the Facebook page: https://facebook.com/wearelisteningaw

Pulkit started focusing on tourism-wellness and now he embraced all sides of healthcare empowering practitioners and equipping patients with top-notch professionals, opening the door to anyone curious about feeling better under a spectrum of health approaches and perspectives.

From physical to psychological, from emotional to spiritual.

His endeavour encompasses individual sessions, group sessions, corporate and businesses, without restrictions to industries and sports.

“Emotions are the foundation for everything” said Pulkit, who shared the dynamics before, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, making him extremely busy.

Uncertainty, Stress and Anxiety needed to be addressed and perfectly match Pulkit’s mission and commitment.

Pulkit shared his opinion on How important is for Educational System Institutions.

If Math and History are important, Emotional Intelligence is far more important. Instead of brushing off emotions, it is important to educate emotions especially for not passing or damping emotions among the family, and the workplace and not falling into that vicious cycle.

I won’t anticipate too much, I leave You to enjoy the interview!

Thanks once more Pulkit for Your insightful opinion and perspective from an all-around wellbeing expert!

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