Tom Wright, HealthCare GP Doctor (former NHS), and Coaching Psychologist.

Patients Healing Processes, Physical & Emotional Pain Correlation
Nick Atzeni

EI Interview – Tom Wright

Tom is an English-born Doctor currently living and working in British Columbia, Canada. He worked as a GP in the NHS (UK) and now he still works as a GP in Canada. He is a Coach as well both for Individuals and Teams Coaching in the Healthcare industry. Tom is a relentless student, he is indeed now pursuing his Master Degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

Tom gave us a very technical perspective about the Correlation and Connection between Physical Pain and broadly speaking Illnesses and Emotional Dysregulation and how important is for Doctors and Health Practitioners to attune to Patient’s emotional impact.

Tom’s examples are really useful to understand in practice the knowledge he is transmitting and bringing in the interview.

How Psychology and Emotional Science blend together in the healing process is another point we had the time to delve and Tom’s professional and personal opinions were truly eye-opening.

Empowering Patients with Emotional Tools and Strategies can facilitate the healing process?

How important is it for Healthcare Trainers to Integrate Emotional Intelligence skills for Doctors to attune and understand Patient’s Emotions?

Profound and very specific questions drove us to a truly insightful conversation covering a variety of considerations as a bird-view in relation to the Westernised approach to healing and the patient.

Patients are not Robots to fix but Humans to support

We see a lot of Humans, but not a lot of Humanity

Thanks, Tom, for Your valuable contribution, I found it very insightful to share views with a Healthcare expert and I am positive our watchers will keep (or begin) thinking that Emotions are true, valuable and important to care.

Enjoy the conversation! My gratitude Tom!

Stay blessed!

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