Nof Yoffi Amiel, Physical Education Teacher PhD, Sports Lecturer, Influencer, Gaza, Israel.

Sport Performance, Connecting Athletes and the Environment
Nick Atzeni

EI Interview – Nof Yoffi Amiel

As we believe in Humans before Professionals we took a moment to talk about Humanity and we have been lucky to hear from an insider how the situation is in Gaza today, and how is lived by the locals.

The question What is the meaning of Life came up as expected.

“A lot of humans, not a lot of humanity”.

Stepping into the context of Emotional Intelligence and Professionalism.

Nof is a Lecturer in Physical Education in Sports and she is on a mission to spread the concept of taking care one each other, and take responsibility, from athletes to families and including all immediate and non-immediate characters of their lives.

Connecting culture and countries is one of her main drives.

In the past, she has been a teacher for 12 years in an Arab school in Israel (of course she speaks Arabic), she worked with children at risk and from difficult backgrounds.

She is a true educator and truly committed to improving communities through sports.

Nof shared her perspective on the importance of managing Emotions from all components of a family, and broadly, is something everyone needs.

Dealing with the pressure of the competition, handling distress from failure, blend in the environment with the right mindset and heart it is a critical asset to perform efficiently.

Without the capability to manage emotions the game is influenced, said Nof.

The importance of small actions to inspire and motivate to generate a better environment is another point that Nof shared, and it perfectly falls under the concept of taking responsibility for the big and the small actions that activate the process of building a better environment, avoiding to step into the descending spiral of negatively influencing each other in the close environment.

Towards the end of the interview, Nof pointed out how important is to assess the Emotional and Behavioural characteristics of a player in order to first: understand what s/he needs and secondly: to support his/her development by leveraging on what is strong and bettering what is weak.

The shout-out encompassed the coaches and the educational institutions touching on the benefits and the consequences of having or not having this crucially important segment of training to build good humans that they can connect and understand themselves and others, reciprocally.

Thanks Nof, it has been a very nice conversation, and surely many people will enjoy!

I leave You all to the video!

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