Norbert Csorba, Manager of Chelsea Rovers FC

Academy coach at Norwich City FC and Manager of Chelsea Rovers FC
Nick Atzeni
EI Case Study - Norbert Csorba part 2 of 2

EI Case Study – Norbert Csorba

Norbert Csorba, friendly “Norbs” or “NC” is a full-rounded football coach. He is a true insider.

Something about him: Academy coach at Norwich City FC and Manager of Chelsea Rovers FC, he also collaborates with football clubs across Europe as Ajax FC, Sevilla, and others, specifically with Coach-Education Academies. He coaches children and adults, both male and female players. 360-degree football coach.

In this short interview, we had the opportunity to touch on Emotional Intelligence and Football, rationalising what are the benefits and how we can practically make psychology and emotional science work toward performance enhancement.

Norbs provided a truly insightful view about the practices and the activities that can help a team to develop psycho-emotional safety and also, crucially important point, what a coach in first person can do to help the athletes feel listened to, and understood, not only rationally but also emotionally.

More broadly about football and non-played football: we had the chance to rationalise as well how emotional intelligence training can develop the non-player individuals and team-cohesion inside a club or a federation considering this point the key to nurturing reciprocal cooperation and mutual comprehension at any level in a football-managing-structure pyramid.

From C-suite and Apex positions to Coaches, Trainers and Players.

Very interesting and inspiring interview Norbs, for which I am very grateful for Your contributions both theoretical and practical, from a hands-on all-rounded football coach.

I am sure a lot will benefit from Your insights!

Enjoy the watching!

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