Giorgio Taparelli, Former FIFA Ticketing, Health Sector Professional, and Youth Coach

Emotional Intelligence in Businesses and Sports, spotlight on Leaders and Coaches.
Nick Atzeni

EI Interview – Giorgio Taparelli

Giorgio Taparelli is almost thirty years old and has already great experience in Business, alongside a decade of Football coaching with Youth Athletes. Student, Coach and Professional, Giorgio gave us a perspective that encompasses all these industries under the lens of Emotional Intelligence.

Dialogue with the employees, dialogue with the athletes.

Human rapport with colleagues or subordinates and human rapport with the sports players.

The warm environment with the peers and the warm environment with footballers.

We delved into the similarities between business and sports finding the soft skills as the “sine qua non” factor for developing performance and facilitating success, being athletic, personal or professional, or the blend of all of them.

How similar are the roles of a company leader and a sports coach?

What are the skills they need?

What are the expected benefits for both leaders and coaches in engaging in Emotional Intelligence training?

What about Soft Skills and Unleashing Performance?

Are Leaders and Sports Coaches both there to transmit concepts and share information, leading to gaining knowledge through experience for final success?

Giorgio shared his opinion and perspective on these questions and many more.

Company Leaders and Sports Coaches, You would not like to miss this 20-minute interview.

Giorgio, thanks a lot for the time and Your will to share Your vision on this crucially critical topic!

Enjoy the video!

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